Changing regulations, consumer expectations and investor focus are putting environmental impact under increased scrutiny. From identifying deforestation risk and managing emissions, to ensuring animal welfare and sustainable water usage, having sight of all actors and their contributions throughout the value chain is vital.

Analyse the sustainability of your supply chains

With our supply chain software, you can identify high risk categories, countries and site locations to improve the environmental sustainability of your operation.

Mapping direct and indirect suppliers all the way back to source, our supply chain transparency solution helps identify environmental risk based on product category, key commodity, site location and much more.

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Audit, benchmark & monitor supplier environmental sustainability

Create, send and review custom digital assessments and document requests across the supply chain in a secure, central environment to benchmark performance, drive continuous improvement and create efficiencies.

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Track supplier status against key sustainability schemes

Measure progress against supply chain sustainability goals

Configure environmental KPI reporting and interactive dashboards to monitor progress against defined ESG/CSR goals over time and deliver actionable insight to inform business decisions.

Reduce enviromental impact of supply chains through education & collaboration

Making real progress towards a sustainable future can only be achieved through collaboration. Using our technology to identify the true depth of supplier networks, educate all parts of the chain on best practice approaches and share performance results helps to build stronger, resilient relationships.

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