Dedicated to digitally transforming supply chains, our platform is helping organisations to overcome common challenges in areas ranging from transparency and supplier assurance, to sustainability and ethics.

Supply chain transparency

The multi-tier nature of modern day supply chains require full transparency and supplier collaboration to manage risk and uncover opportunities.

With the ability to map products from direct and indirect suppliers all the way back to source, our technology drives visibility, assurance and efficiency for your business, from anywhere in the world.

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Supplier assurance & risk management

Assurance and risk management are the foundation of any supply chain management programme.

By digitising compliance processes for supplier approvals, certification schemes, audit results and more, our platform provides the network and the actionable insight needed to streamline workflows and build stronger supplier relationships.

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Digital tools for supply chain challenges

Environmental sustainability

The climate crisis represents the biggest global challenge of our time, with new regulations and changing societal expectations building momentum and accelerating action.

Whether you want to identify suppliers located in deforestation areas, ensure responsible sourcing, measure scope 3 emissions, prioritise high-risk commodities, or track progress against defined environmental KPIs, we help businesses unlock invaluable insight to inform decision-making and build more sustainable supply chains, fit for the future.

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Ethical impact

Eliminating modern slavery, safeguarding employee welfare and maintaining human rights within supply chains is more than a legal requirement, it’s a moral obligation.

Using our software solution as a data exchange, we work with NGOs and leading certification bodies to ensure businesses have the tools to pinpoint and collaboratively mitigate risk through the tiers.

By digitising direct and indirect supplier information, our technology strives to protect people, animals and brand reputation.

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Corporate governance

Public commitment to ESG leadership is seen as a leading enabler and accelerator of cultural change. The driving force for innovation and best practice comes from within.

By monitoring and measuring progress against commitments made by suppliers using our platform, businesses can ensure sustainable practices through the chain.

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