One of the largest restaurant companies in the UK, The Big Table operates some of the best known brands in the eating-out market, including Bella Italia, Las Iguanas and Cafe Rouge.

The Big Table joined the Authenticate platform in January 2018 with the aim of establishing greater levels of transparency within food supply chains.

Both direct and indirect suppliers are actively engaged in helping to validate the Group’s strategic supply chain objectives around risk management and sustainable sourcing.

Less than one year into the project, led by Group Procurement Director Simon Galkoff, over 90% of The Big Table’s direct suppliers have joined the platform as free basic members in order to accept product links and map suppliers through the tiers, providing increased visibility of the wider supplier network.

A unique level of visibility for foodservice

“At a time when transparency is essential for any sourcing department, the Authenticate platform provides a unique level of farm-to-fork visibility for the foodservice sector”

Simon Galkoff, Group Procurement Director

As the partnership enters its second year, Authenticate’s innovative digital solutions, such as the Audits and Assessments module, may be introduced to build advanced reporting tools and actionable insight that will further enhance supply chain intelligence across the group.

Combining innovative technology and teamwork, Authenticate is passionate about bringing supply chain visibility to organisations across industries, including foodservice. Get in touch to arrange a demo or for more information.

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