Following discussions with farmers, processors and industry experts, Tesco has just completed its first ever review of the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG) in order to adapt to the significant changes that have taken place in the dairy industry since the TSDG’s inception in 2007.

The TSDG was established in 2007, giving Tesco a direct milk supply from more than 600 dairy farmers across the UK, providing for the retailer’s liquid milk, cheddar and cream needs.

Members of the group score quarterly through the TSDG site created and managed by Authenticate Information Systems. The Tesco welfare standards data, which focuses around cow health and welfare, along with Carbon footprinting, makes up 70% of the Tesco scorecard to identify the top 5% of farmers who will be rewarded for their good practice & industry leading, while identifying the lowest performing farmers who will be given help and monitoring to improve or be faced with being removed from the group.

The outcome of the review has cemented the TSDG’s position as an integral part of how Tesco partners with British Agriculture and serves its customers.

Matt Simister, Tesco Commercial Director for Fresh Food said: “Tesco has a long and proud history of supporting British dairy farmers and we recognise the many challenges they face. We’re also committed to helping customers by providing the best quality British produce every time they shop with us.

“Producers, suppliers and Tesco’s are all on the same team – telling the story of our food to build trust and transparency back into the Tesco brand.”

TSDG Farmer and Committee Chairman James Stephen says: “As a lifelong dairy farmer, I’ve seen first-hand how uncertainty has impacted so many of my farming colleagues. This is why the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group is so important; it provides members with the valuable security and peace of mind, which is often lacking in the increasingly volatile market. So we can focus on what matters- providing the best quality milk and standards for our customers.”

By working together, Tesco better manages risk, and by gathering robust data they are in a far better position to shout about the TSDG.

Members of the group score quarterly through the TSDG site, created and managed by Authenticate Information Systems.

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