Rural Affairs Minister Mairi Gougeon declared that the required steps had been taken to protect consumers and the farming sector following a confirmed case of BSE in Aberdeenshire.

Movement restrictions were introduced at Boghead Farm in Lumsden last week after so-called “mad cow disease” was identified in one dead animal that had not yet entered the human food chain.

Although results from detailed tests on the affected animal are not expected for at least one month, concerned food businesses have reported using Authenticate’s supply chain mapping software to provide rapid reassurance, in some cases taking “less than 15 minutes” to confirm that listed products containing beef had not been implicated in potential contamination risks.

Authenticate’s Alex Walters (CCO) commented: “When food safety scares occur, it’s great to see that the platform’s core functionality can provide genuine reassurance for the responsible businesses who have taken steps to map their supply chains. Being able to respond to potentially harmful incidents in a matter of minutes, rather than months, presents huge benefits for both consumer safety and brand protection.’

Authenticate’s Full Chain of Custody Mapping service creates a thread of transactions displaying vital compliance information and location data for all of the direct and indirect suppliers involved in the creation and distribution of raw materials, multi-ingredient products and finished SKUs.

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