SaaS technology delivering digital transformation for food technical teams

As a market-leading compliance and ESG software provider to the food industry, Authenticate is proud to announce the release of a new product, designed to digitise and simplify typically time-consuming supply chain management processes.

The user-friendly fully integrated solution provides a full suite of functionality to help businesses complete every day supply chain tasks including:

  • Managing, updating and mapping supplier lists
  • Automating supplier certification status checks against key assurance schemes
  • Conducting digital audits and assessments
  • Sharing and requesting critical documents with suppliers
  • Raising and managing incidents with suppliers

The innovative launch demonstrates Authenticate’s continued commitment to the food and beverage industry by empowering businesses to digitise and manage supplier networks at the touch of a button – all the more relevant in an increasingly remote, digital world.

Speaking of the new launch, Authenticate’s Chief Technology Officer Nic Sheen said:

“We’ve been working hard on Supplier Manager for some time and are thrilled to release it to the industry. Formed in 2013 with a network of 30,000 companies from 110 countries now using our platform, our capability and experience in the food space makes us well placed to help businesses organise and streamline often fragmented supplier management processes. Our software is used by six of the main UK supermarkets, which has helped us not only build a powerful network but also refine our technology solution to create one fully integrated solution for the whole industry.   There is a real need for secure, centralised supplier management software to provide real visibility – and this is where Authenticate is up to the task.”

Authenticate Supplier Manager is now live, with a range of free and paid plans (up to £499 per month) available depending on requirements. For more information on Authenticate Supplier Manager or to register to try the new software for free, visit the webpage.

For more information on the Authenticate platform or to discuss your challenges and requirements, get in touch with the team.