Trusted by leading global food brands, we're proud to help businesses protect animals through the tiers with transparency technology.

Map supply chains back to farm

See every tier of your supply chain, from manufacturing, to logistics, to farm, to ensure animals are cared for every step of the way.


Audit suppliers & producers on animal welfare 

Create bespoke audit templates and score responses based on compliance, risk or non-conformance to identify and mitigate animal welfare concerns across supply chains.


Trusted by BBFAW businesses

"Over the last 7 years using the Authenticate platform, we’ve been able to capture data and drive continuous improvement against our animal welfare objectives by reviewing performance against defined KPIs on a quarterly basis. The technology has provided real-time insight to promote best practice with our trusted UK farms, whilst maintaining assurance to certification schemes including Red Tractor and RSPCA.”

Agricultural Compliance Manager, Co-op

Track animal welfare performance against defined KPIs

Collate supplier data against key priority areas ranging from transportation time, antibiotic use, welfare factors and much more at specified intervals. 

See certification status real-time against key animal welfare schemes...

Report animal welfare progress using dashboards

Transform large supply chain animal welfare data sets into actionable insight at the touch of a button to share internally or disclose with external bodies such as BBFAW.


Find out why Coles selected Authenticate to support animal welfare ambitions in our article...

Request & share animal welfare policies centrally

Keep track of supplier responses and agreements linked to best practice animal welfare policies, and request key documentation in a secure, central environment.