Together, our team and technology are on a mission to drive visible, sustainable change to global supply chains. Empowering businesses to protect people, the planet and operations using transparency tools is our passion.

Our mission to improve supply chains

Driven by helping businesses to create more transparent, responsible and resilient supply chains through collaborative supplier engagement, our innovative software solutions deliver value by increasing efficiencies and mitigating risk.

At a time of changing consumer demands and complex, risk-ridden value chains, bringing clarity and actionable insight to buyers and suppliers to support informed decision making and drive continuous improvement is at the heart of everything we do.

“I really value the opportunity to work for a company delivering pioneering supply chain transparency and management technology to leading brands. Working closely with our customers to understand their needs and then implementing the relevant solutions to ensure they can achieve their goals is truly rewarding.”

Bethan Hughes

Account Director

Our history

Established in 2013, Authenticate was launched to develop pioneering technology-led compliance solutions for the food industry.

Working in partnership with our client portfolio, monitoring evolving market trends and harnessing the expertise of our talent pools, our proposition has since evolved into a single platform offering a suite of capabilities to support and drive end-to-end supply chain management processes.

Now used and trusted by leading brands across multiple industries worldwide, we've come a long way.

Our team of supply chain experts

With a small, but mighty team of 25 across the UK and Europe, together we listen to industry and customer needs and continually develop our platform to be the best it can be. By taking a proactive approach to supply chain transparency and supplier management, we strive to make a positive impact on the world by waving the flag for visible, responsible and accountable business operations, powered by technology.

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Building transparency through collaboration

For business to thrive in an increasingly global world, collaboration is key. We’ve been building our transparency directory since 2013, providing a central, secure environment for customers and suppliers to connect, quickly.

With tens of thousands of companies across over 100 countries from Chile to Taiwan accessing our platform and providing actionable data daily, we’re dedicated to growing our network.

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