Our  Mission

  • Establish a joined-up approach to transparency throughout the global food supply chain via a collaborative data platform
  • Support compliance through the key areas of product quality, environmental standards and social responsibility
  • Bring clarity and insight to the complex world of food and drink production


Our Ethics

We are dedicated to transparency in all aspects of our business, with an open and honest approach and a  firm commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of conduct in our relationships with clients, suppliers, partners and each other. Our values are:

  • EXCELLENCE: We will aim to provide an excellent level of service as standard.
  • TEAMWORK: We will work as one team for the benefit of our members.
  • RESPECT: We will always show respect for each other and for our clients.

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe every employee is entitled to fair treatment, courtesy, and respect. We do not tolerate illegal employment discrimination or unlawful workplace harassment. We maintain a diverse and inclusive work environment where the cultural differences of employees are embraced.

The nature of our service means that our clients provide content and information which is commercial and sensitive in nature. We are committed to respecting the intellectual property of our clients confidential and protected from others unless authorised to do so. We expect our clients to use the platform in an honest and objective way.

We are fully committed to comply with the Bribery Act 2010 and to ensure we carry out our activities in an honest and ethical manner. We will not tolerate bribery in our company or in those with whom we choose to undertake business.

We believe in an open, transparent pricing and payment policy. We will not discriminate in the pricing, terms or services we offer to our clients. We expect our clients to treat us in the same way we treat them.