Management Team

  • Paul Marples

    Paul Marples

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Clare Jarvis

    Clare Jarvis

    Head of Finance

  • Alex Walters

    Alex Walters

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Helen Fitzgerald

    Helen Fitzgerald

    Product Manager

  • Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor

    Head of IT

  • Bethan Wheeldon

    Bethan Wheeldon

    Commercial Team Manager

Client Services

  • Daniel Hall

    Daniel Hall

    Senior Account Manager

  • Natalie Ferguson

    Natalie Ferguson

    Client Service Executive

  • Rachel Ibbotson

    Rachel Ibbotson

    Client Service Executive

  • Susan Shakaj

    Susan Shakaj

    Client Manager

Business Development

  • Dan McGlynn

    Dan McGlynn

    Senior Commercial Manager

  • Peter Clarke

    Peter Clarke

    Commercial Manager

Data Team

  • Billy Addle

    Billy Addle

    Data Administrator

  • Ellice Wright

    Ellice Wright

    Data Administrator

  • Kate Baddeley

    Kate Baddeley

    Data Administrator