FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions

Will my certificates update automatically on the platform?

For the 12 certification bodies we have live links to - yes, these will be automatically updated on the platform. For all manual certificate that have been added, these will need to be updated by yourself.

Who will be able to see my suppliers?

The customers that you are linked to will be able to see the suppliers that appear in your supply chain. On the other hand, your suppliers are not able to see any of your linked customers. There is only visibility for all members one tier up the chain and all the way down the chain.

Can I pull off detailed reports for my products?

Enterprise members can run multiple reports for product lines. For example, these can include allergen/nutritional information (if this has been added to your platform). You can also run various reports for both your direct and in-direct suppliers.

How are my suppliers notified and what are the requested to do?

Once a product link has been sent to your supplier this will depend on if they are already a member of the platform or not. If they are already members, they will receive an email notifying them that they have a new link which they can either accept, if correct , or reject if incorrect. This is done very easily via the platform.

If they are not members, they will receive an email notifying them that you have declared that you supply them with a product/products and they will then have the option to join the platform in order to accept these links. The Client Services team are here to help them with this.

Who can see my company information?

Your customers and suppliers, providing they are also members, as well as the Authenticate team are able to see the company information that you have made available on your platform. If you have added any private company or site notes, they will not be seen by anyone apart from the users of your platform. Your customers and suppliers won’t be able to see these notes.

Who will have access to the information I input to my Authenticate Platform?

You are in control of the information you input onto the platform. If you choose to accept a product link request from one of your customers they will then be able to see the supply chain information for that one product- that does not however allow them to view other product chains and they cannot view other customers of yours.

Am I able to link up to my customers or do I have to wait for them to link with me?

There is not currently a function for you to send a link to your customers, just your suppliers. However, if you do have a customer that is already using Authenticate we would be more than happy to help facilitate that product request for you and get you linked up with your customers.

Am I able to view my suppliers certificates?

As a premium member (not basic) on the Authenticate platform, you have the ability to view any accreditations of both your direct and indirect suppliers if a product link has been created.

I have to send questionnaires to my new suppliers for approval, can that be done on Authenticate?

Yes, we have a sophisticated ‘Advanced Assessments’ tool which allows you to create, send and collate responses on your own bespoke questionnaires. You can build a number of templates and send these out to direct suppliers, indirect suppliers or potential new suppliers that are a part of the Authenticate network. You can apply risk scores to any questionnaires to help give an overview of supplier compliance.

Can I use Authenticate to store all of my product information?

Yes, as a premium member of the platform you can use Authenticate as a central repository for all of your product data. This includes all allergen/nutritional information, assurance data & environmental data. You can even add all of your own individual specifications to each product.