About us

Authenticate was founded in 2013 with the aim of using technology and collaboration to bring greater transparency to the food industry. Our origins lay with a passionate group of food technology experts who built bespoke software solutions for food businesses requiring a more efficient way of managing supplier data. Finding that customers were all asking for the similar data, the biggest problem lay not in building great software, but in obtaining the required data from ever more time-squeezed parties in the supply chain, who were being requested to provide the same data multiple times in different formats.

Authenticate is both a technology and data business. Headquartered in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, we offer a full-service solution for all technical compliance data matters. Since launching, we have continued to advance our software technology and data services, adding new functionality all the time. The software development team is based in-house in Harrogate and all are hugely experienced in the unique nature of the food supply chain industry. Out data research and customer service teams are also based in Harrogate, where we are established as one of the leading technology enterprises in the Region.

The business is driven by a focused commitment to solving the complex transparency issues of the food industry. Our market-leading platform now provides compliance data on more than 12,000 food companies around the world, has more than 600 clients and has built a reputation for exceling in client service combined with a passion for technology.