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Originally developed by one of the world’s leading food and agricultural certification and audit bodies, Authenticate IS was created to give food companies complete transparency of their food supply chain.

Using experience of working with some of the largest food businesses in the world, Authenticate IS is the only single, integrated collaborative platform for the food industry. As people who have worked in the food sector for many years, we understand the challenges of swiftly being able to demonstrate transparency and compliance. That’s why we’ve created a platform which enables you to map your supply chain as well as managing audits and assessments, supplier certifications and KPIs, all in the same place, so reducing administrative time and costs for everyone.

The use of the latest technology is the driving force behind our business. Our technology-led approach revolutionises the compliance and auditing processes by providing a virtual solution. With all compliance data stored on the platform, you can gain transparency to view your entire supply chain from farm to fork. The technology team has the expertise not only to deliver a technically gold standard platform, but, with our wealth of experience in the food industry, we have developed a technology product designed to save you time and money too. Our dedicated technical team is constantly working to develop additional tools and facilities to further enhance our market-leading platform in response to the changing needs of the food industry.

Already, our network includes over 7,000 companies worldwide who benefit from the powerful information it provides as well as its ease of use, low cost and customer support.

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