Authenticate – Insightful. Effective. Essential

Joining Authenticate gives you access to the only supplier linking data platform designed specifically for the food industry. We can cost-effectively provide you with real time information about your entire food supply chain, all in one place, allowing you to:

Ensure compliance
Manage risks
Build trust
Source responsibly
Meet FIR regulation
Make informed decisions
Manage corrective actions
Save money
Win business

As well as providing complete transparency up and down your food supply chain, our platform features a unique auditing and assessment tool, enabling you to more effectively handle the demands of burgeoning food safety legislation and its associated auditing and compliance costs.


By knowing your entire food supply chain, including indirect suppliers, you can assess potential vulnerabilities and implement measures to minimise risks from modern slavery, food safety or food fraud.


Make better use of your time, skills and budget with our Advanced Audit and Assessment modules. They enable you to create and issue unlimited audit templates and assessments, monitor and manage results and analyse trends at the touch of a button – all for a fixed annual fee.


The KPI module allows you to monitor and compare performance against specific KPIs. Whether you want to track your suppliers or your own company, you’ll get powerful insight of current, past and future performance.


Quickly and easily verify the compliance status of both direct and indirect suppliers. We have live links with some of the leading certification bodies so you can rest assured that the information you have about certificates is up-to-date.